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What Words Can You Teach a Parakeet?

What Words Can You Teach a Parakeet?

Even though a parakeet's brain is very tiny, it is capable of learning to say more than 100 words. There have even been reports of little "superkeets," whose word count was as high as 250. The types of words you teach your parakeet in the beginning will help him graduate to more complicated words and phrases later on.

First Words

    Start by repeating a word that begins with the letters K, W, T, B, P or a hard C. Parakeets are able to pick up these sounds easily. A good word to start with is "pretty." Say it softly and slowly as you pass by his cage. A few times during the day, stand next to your parakeet and repeat the word "pretty." Repetition is the key.

First Phrase

    Now teach your parakeet to say, "Pretty bird," by using more soft repetition. It will take him a few days before he is able to add the second word. The first time you hear him say, "Pretty bird," be careful not to react too much. Otherwise, you will scare him. Wait until he has mastered this phrase before introducing additional words or phrases.

More Easy Words

    Staying with the easy consonants K, W, T, B, P and a hard C, begin teaching your parakeet easier one-to-two syllable words, such as "kite," "kitten," "kiss," "wow," "tiger," "bon-bon," "cat" and "penny." Continue repeating the words and phrases your parakeet has already learned. Remember to introduce one word or phrase at a time and wait until he has mastered it before adding more words and phrases.

Hello, Good-bye and La-La-La

    The H and L sounds are more difficult for a parakeet to pronounce, but he will learn them eventually. A good time to introduce them is after he has mastered a few of the easier words. "Hello" is the first H-sound word to introduce. Then teach him "La-La-La." Words beginning with G come next, and an obvious choice for a G word is "good-bye."

Subliminal Learning

    After your parakeet has been chattering away for a few months, he may begin putting his words together in one long, comical phrase. He also may imitate words that you haven't taught him, like "Shut up," "Was-sa-matta, Buddy," "Oh, no," and "Close the door." Parakeets have learned to bark like the family dog, meow and imitate squeaky doors and other household noises. They have even been known to repeat familiar words and phrases to their own little tunes.

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