Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

Some Bird Call Facts

The morning is bright and the dew has kissed the leaves of the trees. Coming in on the morning breeze is the delightful sounds of the birds singing from their nests, calling for the sun to shine their way. Learning the specific song of each bird is a skill, one that can enrich your life.


    Each and every bird has its very own song. This song is how birds communicate, entice mates and show their joy. Without the songs of birds, not only would the morning seem dead, but birds would find it impossible to survive in the wild, unable to warn each other or announce the whereabouts of food.

How to Learn Bird Calls

    Learning how to emulate a bird's song takes persistence, a good ear and a lot of patience. One of the fastest ways to learn is to actually sit and listen to the birds as they sing. Also, you can learn bird songs using instruction DVD, CDs and other audio recordings.

Using Gimmicks

    You can train your brain to identify bird calls by comparing them to common sounds. Some birds sound like a whistle, some sound like people laughing, and some sound like the breaks on a stopping train.


    As a bird watcher, learning bird calls can greatly increase your chances of get that perfect shot of your favorite avian creature.

Fun Fact

    Have you ever seen that cartoon where the character whistles a bird call and every bird of that species from 100 miles around comes "a-calling"? This doesn't really happen unless the birds are trained.

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