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List of Different Types of Birds of Prey

List of Different Types of Birds of Prey

Birds of prey, also known as raptors, are a type of bird that use their feet (as opposed to their beaks) to capture their prey. Birds of prey are carnivores, or meat-eaters, that generally have exceptional eyesight and sharp talons to help them capture small animals.


    Eagles are an example of a bird of prey. Among the different types of eagles, forest eagles are one of the biggest and most powerful. They live in tropical rainforests and have long tails and round wings.


    Owls are a birds of prey that hunt at sunset, in the early hours of the morning or at night. They all have eyes that face forward and soft feathers that allow for quiet flying. Barn owls have heart-shaped faces and dark feathers on the upper parts of their bodies but light-colored feathers on their undersides, allowing for maximum camouflage when flying or on the ground.


    Harriers, buteos and accipiters are examples of different types of hawks. Hawks are versatile birds of prey that can catch small animals in flight or on the ground. Harriers have a keen sense of hearing attributed to the shape of their facial disk that helps them locate prey while in flight.


    Vultures lack strong feet and sharp talons, making them poor hunters. This is why a vultures diet consists of dead animals. They have featherless heads, which allow them to eat without getting dirty and regurgitate food to their young as opposed to feeding them fresh meat.


    There are many different types of falcons found around the world, including the crested caracara, the orange-breasted falcon and the laughing forest falcon. The laughing forest falcon is found in tropical forests and has a bony peg in its nostril that distinguishes it from other forest falcons. Its diet consists of snakes that it captures with its scaly legs protecting it from snakebites.

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