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How to Transport an Injured Baby Bird

How to Transport an Injured Baby Bird

Many baby birds fall from their nests in springtime, but not all of them need to be taken to a rehabilitation center. Healthy birds should be put back into their nests where their parents will continue to look after them. However, if you find any baby birds with any signs of injury---blood, punctured skin or a broken wing---you need to take them to a wildlife rehabilitator or a veterinarian. Learn how to safely transport an injured baby bird by following these guidelines.



    Line a cardboard box with a soft towel. A shoebox is a good choice. Do not line the box with shredded newspaper or cotton as this can be tangled on the bird's legs or neck. Do not use grass because the moisture in the grass can give the baby bird a chill. Sometimes baby birds are found next to parts of its old nest. Do not use it to line the box as it may contain mites or other parasites.


    Place the baby bird on the towel. Wrap a facial tissue or a towel around it to support the baby bird and help it to rest in an uncomfortable position. When the baby bird presents a wound, wash the wound with cotton and water before placing the bird on the towel.


    Keep the baby bird warm, especially if it is featherless. Birds have a higher body temperature than humans, and they should be warm to the touch. Place a hot water bottle under the towel, so it does not burn the baby bird. Use plastic shampoo bottles if you don't have a bottle water. Fill them with warm water---not hot water---and place them under the towel. When using a heating pad, use a low setting and place it only under part of the box so the baby bird can move away from the heat if it needs to. Do not place the box in direct sunlight because the bird could quickly become overheated.


    Punch a series of holes into the box lid. This provides the baby bird with privacy, security and ventilation.


    Take the bird to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

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