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How to Train a Parrot to Come to You

When you call a dog to come, you wait for the dog to walk in your direction. When you call a parrot, any number of things might occur based on whether or not your pet bird is trained properly. Since the pet can fly off, and it can then take hours to return him to his cage, you want to get this right.



    Train your pet parrot in the same location. As parrots get used to the place where they're trained, they become more comfortable with you and their surroundings.


    Schedule training for the same time every day, and keep distractions to a minimum. If you're focused when you train your parrot to come, your parrot remains focused on the task at hand also.


    Teach the parrot the most important first command, "step up," which is the same as "come" or "sit" is to a dog. Gently slide your hand against the parrot's stomach to encourage your pet to step onto your hand.


    Reward the parrot each time with its favorite treat after it successfully steps up. If you both have a stressful session and the bird doesn't respond, give a treat before putting him in his cage.


    Begin training the "come here" command after you're parrot consistently obeys the "step up" command. Train in the same location and offer the parrot his favorite treat.


    Expand the length the bird travels during each training session. Each time use the command "come here" and offer him a treat when he arrives at the appointed destination.


    Test your parrot's ability to come in flight by using the command "come here," and then say "step up" on his approach to your hand. Reward him with his favorite treat.

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