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How to Teach a Congo African Grey Parrot to Talk

How to Teach a Congo African Grey Parrot to Talk

Congo African Grey parrots are among the best talkers in the bird kingdom. Many are known not only for their speaking skills but their intelligence as well. By nature, they are curious and like learning. The secret to successfully teaching your African Grey to talk is regularly scheduled sessions and persistence.



    Begin working with your bird as soon as you get it. This establishes a relationship, which will make all types of learning easier.


    Establish a routine. Animals adjust well and learn more quickly when there is a routine. Work with your bird at the same time every day. The best time to work with parrots is dusk or dawn, according to Avian Web. It's also good to talk to your bird just before retiring.


    Start with a word or phrase and begin repeating it. Usually 15-minute sessions work well. Speak slowly and clearly. Get close enough to your bird so it can see your lips moving when you speak. You can either speak to your parrot while it is in the cage or it can sit on your finger while you talk to it.


    Talk to your parrot all the time. Your African Grey can learn from you while you are doing anything around the house such as cleaning or simply watching television. Allow your parrot to feel as if it is part of the home and it will begin to talk to you like you talk to it.


    Don't try to teach your parrot too many words at one time. To help it learn different words, teach it to associate certain words with actions. For example, say "hello" when you enter a room and "love you" when you are petting it. Teach it that a treat is a "yum yum." Before long, your bird will be telling you hello when you walk in a room or asking you for a treat.

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