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How to Tame a Conure

How to Tame a Conure

You've just brought your new conure parrot home and now you want to tame it. Conure parrots are naturally sweet and affectionate birds; they enjoy company and are tamed quickly. While your new parrot may feel overwhelmed by its new cage and environment, it will soon acclimate itself as you spend more time with it and build a trusting relationship.



    Prepare your bathroom. Bathrooms give you enough space to tame your parrot. Cover all mirrors in the bathroom and ensure that any windows are closed. Draw any shades, as well.


    Bring the cage into the bathroom. Set the cage on a flat surface, such as the bathroom counter. Shut the bathroom door.


    Calm your parrot. Moving your parrot's cage may startle it. Reward your parrot with a cracker or a grape to calm it down. Speak soothingly to the parrot as you slowly open the door of its cage and place the treat in its food bowl. Keep the cage door open.


    Allow your parrot to eat its treat and get comfortable. Talk to the parrot as it eats the treat. Speak in a soft, low voice.


    Coax the parrot onto the handheld perch. Pet stores sell handheld perches specifically designed for training and taking your bird out of its cage. Grasp the handheld perch in your hand; slowly place your hand in the cage. Gently poke your parrot in the chest with the perch, which will encourage it to hop on. Tell the parrot to "get on the perch" in a soft voice. Continue poking the bird and saying the command until your bird hops onto the perch.


    Take a break. Once the parrot hops on the handheld perch without hesitating, take a break. Without removing your parrot from the cage, reward it with a cracker or a grape. Then get the parrot to hop onto the perch installed in the cage. Place another treat in the food bowl.


    Get your parrot out of the cage. Once your parrot is comfortable hopping onto the handheld perch, slowly bring it out of the cage. Keep your hand steady so the bird isn't startled. Speak softly and encouragingly to the bird.


    Allow your bird to observe its surroundings. Give your bird time to grow comfortable with the bathroom. Reward good behavior with another treat. Place the treat in your free hand and allow the bird to pick it up and eat it.


    Place the bird back in the cage. Coax it onto the perch installed in the cage. Reward good behavior with a treat.

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