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How to Stop Pigeons From Roosting

How to Stop Pigeons From Roosting

Pigeons are every city's unwanted accessory. Pigeon droppings create problems for health and safety reasons. The birds are also carriers of extremely serious diseases. Protect your home from becoming an unwanted roosting place for pigeons by setting up barriers to keep them at bay.


Prevent the Roost


    Loosen the screw of the clamp on a strip of spikes.


    Place spikes on a ledge where pigeons roost. Slide spikes down so they sit on the lip of the gutter or edge of the building.


    Tighten the screw to clamp the spikes.

Secure the Area


    Install Irri-tape into your backyard to further secure your garden from pigeon infestation.


    Cut the Irri-tape to a desired length. Repeat 3-6 times so you have multiple strips of the tape.


    Tie the tape near the top of the pole to secure it.


    Place the pole into the center of the garden or lawn.

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