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How to Stop My Eclectus Parrot From Biting

Of the many varieties of exotic pets, birds are probably one of the most common. There are many popular species of pet birds, including cockatiels, cockatoos and macaws. Another more uncommon species is the eclectus parrot.

Perhaps the most significant complaint among eclectus owners is that the bird often bites. While there are many possible reasons for a bird to bite, teaching it that biting is not acceptable is a straightforward task.



    Learn when a bite is imminent. Different birds have different "warning signs" that they are feeling particularly frightened or aggressive. These often include flaring the wings or tail, a horizontal stance on the perch, and dilating the pupils. Knowing these danger signs can save you from a painful bite.


    Do not overreact to a bite. Give a firm "No" and shake your arm to distract the bird and break its grip.


    Never physically punish a bird for biting. Parrots are sensitive creatures, and can quickly become timid and frightened of people, making biting even more likely.


    Establish dominance over your parrot. Parrots often bite to establish their position in the family. To discourage this, make sure that all perches and cages are at chest level or below. Clip its wings as well.


    Teach the bird that biting is unacceptable. Parrots are social creatures, and therefore probably the most effective negative reinforcement of biting is to temporarily remove the bird from its social setting. Place the bird alone in a dark room immediately following a bite. However, do not leave it alone for more than 15 minutes before restoring it to its cage. It may only take a few times before the lesson is learned.

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