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How to Stop a Budgie from Throwing Out Its Eggs

How to Stop a Budgie from Throwing Out Its Eggs

A budgie hen may throw her eggs out of the nest for several reasons. In essence, the bird is rejecting the egg and refusing to expend anymore energy on it. The mother may believe the egg is defective or infertile, a sense that laying hens soon pick up after laying several times. The bird may also have noticed human scent on it. It is extremely easy for a budgie owner to accidentally leave its smell on eggs and terminate the laying process, making it important to avoid handling the eggs with bare hands.



    Inspect the eggs that have been thrown out. Look for defects in the egg. A hen will throw out abnormal eggs because it doesn't want to waste energy on eggs that won't hatch.


    Place a small desk drawer or a box of similar dimensions inside the laying area. The high sides of the drawer will prevent the hen from pushing out the eggs. Wear gloves when handling the box to avoid leaving your scent on it.


    Fill the drawer with used clothing to keep the eggs warm. Place the laid eggs in the drawer. Again, wear gloves to contain your scent.


    Set another nest box inside the laying area. When a hen lays in that box, transfer the eggs into the drawer.

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