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How to Stop African Greys From Screaming

How to Stop African Greys From Screaming

African Grays are intelligent birds that can live for 30 years. While some parrots develop the annoying habit of screaming, remember some noise is natural. You should never seek to eliminate all screaming but rather reduce screaming to a reasonable level. With the right knowledge, you can replace bad behavior with good, and thoroughly enjoy the companionship of your parrot.



    Ignore the screaming. Any kind of reaction is reinforcement and the bird will continue his behavior as long as you react to it. When you stop reacting, the bird loses interest. Some birds might enjoy you screaming back at them because it is some kind of attention. However, this is the wrong way to teach a bird to stop screaming. Dont pick your parrot up or say anything to him when he screams. Leave the room or close a door to illustrate youre ignoring him.


    Reinforce good behavior. Teach your parrot that a more desirable behavior will get your attention. Give him a treat or lavish him with praise when he whistles or talks. Reinforce this behavior whenever he makes desirable sounds so he will begin to associate these sounds with good things.


    Keep a diary of when your birds screams. Try to include everything that happened as well as the mood of the family. You may be able to trace screaming to unrelated action in the home. For example, if your parrot screams when you come home, teach him to talk or whistle instead.


    Make sure your bird doesnt need anything. Parrots generally scream for a reason. They may feel neglected, bored, upset, jealous or ill. His screams may be legitimate.


    Give your parrot plenty of activities too burn energy. African Grays are prone to boredom and they need creative outlets for their energy.


    Train with your parrot every day. Sessions lasting about 15 or 20 minutes where you work with the bird on talking and whistling are necessary so your bird will learn to respond to commands.


    Be patient. Birds are like people in that they learn at different levels.

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