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How to Keep Bobcats Out of a Chicken Pen

How to Keep Bobcats Out of a Chicken Pen

Bobcats are wild felines that can be found throughout most of the southern areas of America. They are about twice the size of a domestic cat and will hunt anything from small rodents to deer. Bobcats tend to shy away from human interaction and because of this do not pose a threat to human life. However, they are known to hunt and kill backyard chickens. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to protect your chickens from bobcats.



    Build a high fence around your chicken pen. This is more a deterrent than a preventive measure because bobcats have been seen to jump 12 feet high. However, having a fence around your chicken pen means that it is harder for them to access your chickens and may put some predators off.


    Build a roof to your chicken pen and move it away from trees. Bobcats are able to climb trees to hunt and this means that not even the highest fence would keep them out of a chicken pen if you located your chickens near a tree. However, making sure you pen has a roof means that bobcats will not be able to access the chickens.


    Install a floodlight or sensor light near your chicken pen. This may seem like an odd way to keep bobcats out of your chickens but these wild felines are most active in the dark of night. They tend to avoid hunting in daylight and so having a light on your chickens, and them, will put them off hunting in your yard.


    Buy a dog. Having a dog in the yard allows you to have a guard on your chickens. Smaller breeds may be seen as prey to a bobcat, so choose a large dog and hopefully this will scare bobcats away.


    Bring your chickens in at night. If all else fails and you can't keep bobcats away from your property you should bring your chickens inside during the night and keep them in a shed, barn or garage.

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