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How to Discourage Mockingbirds

How to Discourage Mockingbirds

Mockingbirds are well-known for their ability to mimic the sound of insects, amphibians and other birds. They can be amusing to listen to them, but after consistently hearing the same sound, amusement can quickly turn into annoyance. They also have a tendency to drive away other birds and animals. Discouraging them may not always be an easy task, so you may have to use a variety of methods to achieve your goal.



    Use a garden hose to spray water into the trees where the mockingbirds build their nest. Do this at least two times a day or whenever necessary. This method is an effective way to discourage mockingbirds when used consistently.


    Play scary sounds to discourage mockingbirds. Put in a tape of a thunderstorm or a screaming blue jay. Turn the volume up loud enough so that the sound can travel to where the mockingbird is. This will scare them away from your home.


    Purchase bird control devices to deter mockingbirds. These devices continuously alter the pitch, frequency, timing and intensity of sounds. This will prevent the clever birds from getting used to the repetitive sounds.

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