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How to Build a Duck Pen House

How to Build a Duck Pen House

Domestic ducks are easygoing birds and can be successfully raised as pets or farm animals. Keep your ducks healthy and happy in a duck pen that provides shelter from predators and climatic extremes. Prepare a comfortable enclosure that enables the ducks to move freely, as well as to fully expand and flap their wings.



    Decide on the location to build the duck pen and house the ducks. The ideal location should be on a raised, well-drained area that prevents rain water from accumulating and keeps the pen dry. The pen should also be close to food and water sources and provide the birds with a natural source of shade.


    Prepare a concrete floor by laying concrete slabs on the ground. Estimate the space requirements by planning on a minimum of 10 sq. ft. of space for each duck. Concrete floors are easy to clean and prevent predators such as foxes and rats from digging their way into the pen. You should, however, place a thick layer of straw bedding over the concrete flooring, as concrete by itself can be rough on the ducks' feet.


    Position four six-feet-high wooden posts vertically along the fence line. The posts should be at a distance of four feet from each other. Cement the posts two feet into the ground to thoroughly secure them, and prevent them from becoming a potential life threat during severe weather.


    Use a spade to dig an earthen trench half foot deep, along three sides of the fence post line. Place half-inch hardware cloth in the trench and fill the trench with earth. Secure the hardware cloth around each post with a staple gun and heavy-duty staples, keeping one side open for a door. Cut excess wire with a wire cutter. Hardware cloth is a better option than chicken wire, as its narrow gauge wire prevents predators such as raccoons and snakes from entering the duck pen.


    Build a screen door for the duck pen by combining wood and hardware cloth. Ensure that the door is the same height as the fence posts. Prepare the door frame by cutting the wood in four sections and nailing them together, at the four corners with three-inch screws. Staple the hardware cloth to the frame and connect the door to the unfenced wooden post with hinges fixed at the top and bottom. Secure the door by attaching a barrel bolt to the door frame and the wooden post.


    Place a tin roofing sheet over the fence to cover the duck pen. Attach the tin roof to the top of the wooden fence posts. Use a drill to make a hole into the tin, pass the watertight screws through the tin and secure it to the wooden fence posts.

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