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How to Attach a Birdhouse to a T-Post

How to Attach a Birdhouse to a T-Post

Birdhouses offer bird watchers the opportunity to view all of the daily activities birds are engaged in -- from eating to raising a family. Not all birds have the same height and location preference when it comes to their homes, but they all need housing. Woodpeckers and house wrens are most attracted to post-style housing. However, decorative birdhouses are fun to place in gardens and backyards, too.


Attaching the Mounting Base


    Trim the plywood into the exact dimensions and shape of the birdhouse, so that none of the plywood extends beyond the base of the birdhouse. This keeps cats and other predators from gaining access to the birdhouse entrance.


    Sand down any rough edges and leave the wood untreated.


    Center the plywood base onto the T-post so that it is flush and even with the top of the T-post.
    Using the nails and hammer, nail three to four nails through the plywood and down through the post until the nails are flush with the surface of the plywood.


    Slide your hand across the top of the plywood to ensure all nails are hammered flush.


    Center the birdhouse onto the plywood base attached to the T-post and open the back of the birdhouse.

Attaching the Birdhouse


    Screw two to three 1-inch screws into the bottom of the birdhouse and into the plywood beneath.


    Run your hand or finger across each screw to ensure the head of the screw is flush with the inside bottom of the birdhouse.


    Add nesting material if the species calls for it and close the back of the birdhouse.


    Ensure that the birdhouse is safe from predators. For example, consider using post guards to prevent cats from climbing the post.

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