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Different Types of Finches

Different Types of Finches

Finches have been kept as pets in cages and aviaries for hundreds of years. Some of the more colorful varieties include the strawberry finch, zebra finch, nutmeg mannikin, pintail whydahs and black-throated finch.

Strawberry Finch

    The aptly named strawberry finch,has a red spotted chest that very much resembles a strawberry. According to Animal World, the strawberry finch is a hardy variety that can live in indoor and outdoor aviaries.

Pintail Whydahs

    The pintail whydahs are named after a town in Nigeria, Whydah, where these finches live in the wild. These finches are mostly black and white. During mating season the male pintail whydas has extremely long tail feathers, up to twice as long as its body.

Zebra Finch

    Zebra finches are one of the most commonly kept finches. They have black-and-white zebra stripes covering most of the back and head, with round cheeks of black, red or orange. Animal World says the Zebra Finch is an easy bird for beginners, hardy and lives for up to 12 years.

Nutmeg Mannikin

    Another name for the nutmeg mannikin finch is spice finch. This finch has a brown-and-white mottled body with a solid brown head. This variety of finch is inexpensive and readily available at many pet stores.

Black-Throated Finch

    The black-throated finch is very distinctive, with a dark black patch along its neck. This finch is an endangered animal in Queensland, and New South Wales in Australia.

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