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Canary Types

A canary is a small songbird that was domesticated to be a companion bird for humans. Contrary to popular belief, a canary just isn't a small, yellow bird. There are several types of canaries that are distinct in size, color and shape and song. Depending on a person's preferences, one type of canary may be more suitable to have than another.

Type Canaries

    Type canaries are bred to have a particular shape, size, posture or feather pattern. A type canary will look markedly different from any of the other canary types. The canary will be bred with other canary species and other domestic birds to produce their unique look. The Yorkshire Canary, for example, is a type canary that has the longest length of any canary and has an erect stance that is slightly angled. The Lancashire canary is bred for its large size and long legs.

Song Canaries

    A song canary was bred specifically to sing songs. The bird will sing songs that are either soft, loud, choppy or rolling. Although type canaries sing as well, their songs are not as remarkable or beautiful as song canaries. The American Singer Canary was developed in America in the 1930s, and sings rolling and chopped notes to create unique songs. The Spanish Timbrado is another type of song canary that can sing 12 different chopped notes in a loud voice.

Color Canary

    Color canaries, as their name suggests, are bred to be a specific color. This includes being a specific shade of the same color such as light yellow, dark yellow or highlighter yellow. Additionally, the canary will display rare color fusions such as red bronze, orange brown and greenish white. According to Canary Advisor, the main purpose of color canaries is to be displayed by breeders in exhibition shows. The Red Factor Canary, however, is a well-known red canary that is accessible to the general public.


    Regardless of the canary type, a diet should consist of mixed seeds and fresh water. Additionally, a canary can eat vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli tops and carrot tops. A Red Factor Canary will need a red coloring agent added to food or water to maintain their red feathers. If not, the canary will turn to a orange-yellow color. The bird must also be provided with bath water daily.

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