Americans spend more than $40 billion annually on pets, according to Business Week. Birds, mostly parakeets and parrots, are a significant and growing percentage of those pets. Americans buy approximately 10,000 parakeets a week. Parakeets are popular because they are beautiful birds that can easily be taught to speak recognizable words or short phrases. Consequently, raising and breeding parakeets for this market can be a viable small business. With a solid business model, a parakeet breeding business can be profitable.



    Provide a separate breeding cage for each pair of birds. Fill the breeding cage with toys and items that keep the bird entertained such as climbing ladders, mirrors or bells.


    Add sufficient nutrients to the bird's diet to ensure their good health. Purchase parakeet vitamin supplements or add crushed chicken egg shells to their food. Give the female bird extra calcium.


    Keep the birds at a regular warm temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Provide the birds with natural sunlight, but do not put them in direct sunlight, as this will make them too warm.


    Provide a nesting box for each female inside the mating cage. You will need a box about 7 to 8 inches high and 7 to 8 inches wide made of sturdy hardwood. It will need an access hole in front and a perch inside. You can purchase these or build your own with simple plans.


    Take young birds from the nest for sale as early as four weeks.


    Market and sell the birds.

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